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Get your creativity back with this new morning routine

“You are not good enough”.

“Everyone else is much better than you”.

“Why are you not working all the time?”.

“You are not a real artist”

Does this sound familiar to you? I believe we are all kind of suffering from the same daemons, we all think that we are not good enough, that we are not doing enough and that everyone else is better than us. It took me a while to realise that even the people you admire and think they are successful, also suffer from impostor syndrome.

We live in a very fast world, you see all the time people posting about what they do and honestly, it’s overwhelming. It’s okey to relax and rest — actually it’s needed! But what about those days that nothing is working? Those days where you mind seems like a white sheet. It’s hard to motivate yourself and to be creative when your mood is down and all you want is go back to bed.

One day when I was really fed up of feeling like this I start researching and reading what people were doing to fight this feelings and I discovered Julia Cameron and her book The Artist’s Way. In the book, she explains an effective method for curing a creative block, and imposter syndrome as a creative. It’s called Morning Pages and I’m going to explain you how it works.

Morning Pages is a super simple but yet effective tool — as soon as you wake up you pour yourself a coffee, sit down, and you write three letter size pages of whatever comes to your mind. At the beginning you might feel like you can’t fill three pages but just keep trying and write anything that comes to your mind. Just like affirmations, it’s important that you do it every day. We already know that our brain likes to be negative before positive, and requires a little practising to get on the right track.

I’ve been surprised how well it has worked for me, I am more efficient and definetly feeling the flow. I encourage you to give it a try — there’s nothing to lose afterall! It’s simple, free and effective.

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