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Mindful Affirmations.

Your source to a more positive mindset.

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I'm Mindfy.

Mindful Affirmations is designed to provide you easy access to a wide range of positive affirmations tailored to your own goals.


The affirmations can be played while relaxing, or in the background while doing everyday tasks such as brushing your teeth, or waiting for the bus.


For further reinforcement, you also have the option to record the affirmations yourself, and listen to your own voice.

I will help you feel more positive in your daily life, by affirmations.

By Listening To Positive Affirmations, You Will Be Able To Change Your Mindset To Be More Positive.


Make a habit of regularly listening to positive affirming sentences - for example on your way to work.


Your brain will start thinking of these sentences as reality, and you will start thinking more positively.


Previous negative thought patterns will be replaced by more positive ones.

Learn More About Affirmations, And How They Could Help You, Below;


What People Say

I’ve used the app for a few days only, and I’m already feeling more positive in my daily life.
Listening to positive affirmations on my way to work every day has helped me manage my stress and anxiety, and has been a good addition to my usual self care routine, and a good starting point for a more mindful day.

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